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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School





RSE: Journey in Love

St Teresa's is a school whose curriculum is based on on Catholic teaching and values. Our Relationship and Sex education, therefore is in line with the teachings of the Catholic church and based upon teaching children the importance of Christian love, respect for others, self-respect and healthy relationships.

"Our schools need to be a place where everyone feels valued for their innate dignity" - Pope Francis

Our policy on this can be found in the policies section of this website.

We use a scheme called "Journey in Love",  recommended for Catholic Schools. This scheme is taught from Early Years, through to Year Six.

Parents occasionally worry when they first hear that RSE is taught to younger students, but the programme of study is designed so that children only interact with content suitable for their age range. In the younger years children learn about themselves, their innate value as beings created in God's image and begin to explore the importance of healthy and respectful relationships.

In Year Five students learn about puberty and in Year Six they learn about procreation.

The content for EYFS to Year Four is uploaded at the bottom of this page and may be downloaded.

The content for Year Five and Six is available upon request for any families who wish to see it, by emailing the school office. This content is not uploaded here, as younger students browsing our website would not yet be ready to learn the content.