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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School





Extra Curricular Clubs

At St Teresa's , we offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs. Every term, there is a selection of sport clubs as well as a rotating offer of non-sport related clubs such as singing, colouring and Spanish. We also have invite only clubs such as SATS and Multiplication boosters, in particular year groups.

After school clubs run from 3-4pm. We insist on punctuality when picking up children from clubs, which are often run by staff on a volunteer basis. Failure to regularly pick up a child from a club on time could jeopardise a child's space in that club.

Extra-curricular clubs rotate and change each term. At the start of a new term, letters go home where children can put a preference for which clubs they would like to join. Then, these come back to school and places are given based on first-come-first served, if children have had a club already this year and other factors based on fairness and equal opportunities. For this reason clubs never run on the first week of a new term.

Those unsuccessful are placed on waiting lists.

If you have missed this letter, please contact the school office for a replacement as soon as possible.

Some sports clubs charge a small fee, which are explained on the clubs letter. These fees are payable through ParentMail.

The school also runs a breakfast club which begins at 8am. Details about how to sign up can be found by contacting the school office.